Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy is the only word I can hear

Hello guys,  I´ve had a such a nice week and I don´t want this feeling to go away. If I could use only one word to describe this it would be happiness- that´s the one I´d choose. It´s just about everything good that has been accumulating during this past year and especially - this summer. Looking through the photos brings up all the good and bad memories from our trip and it really helps me if I´m going through the ruff times. Even the bad ones (we will post about it soon) can cheer me up. Why? Because they remind me of that feeling I had back then and when I compare it with the present one.. It really is just a piece of cake ! So I get a grip of myself and start SMILING... and suddenly I can´t stop... :) I won´t accept the bad days. Why should I when this life is given to us to enjoy it- not to be sad or angry all the time. It would just be a big waste of time! I rather welcome the dopamins and endorfins than the tears to my company.

Yesterday I went on 60 minutes run with Minna. Our goal was to keep our heart rate at 150bpm this time. It improves oxygen intake in muscle and burns fat the most effectively. After that we made us healthy smoothies, took a shower, drank organic detox tea and watched one episode of Finnish BB... Really... Why is it that boring to watch? I woke up today at 10am and decided to make another run like yesterday. It was such a nice way to start my day! After all that I even found my driving licence that had been lost and I managed to make myself a good and a healty meal. After that I packed the laundry and my stuff because of my visit to Mikkeli. I even had some spare time so I decided to hang this curtain up to kitchen and blow some soap bubbles for the sake of this beautiful weather<3>

A real and tasty protein bom ! Learned from the best!

Now I´m eating a chicken sallad with dark hot chocolate <3>

Thursday, September 27, 2012

For greater good - leather

I have wanted to write about many things important to me. I think that now is the good time for one of those posts. My theme this time is the leather. People are using it all the time in their jackets, sofas, shoes, bags, animal collars, carpets... One side is saying it is wrong and using the fake ones as a better choice. The other side - that´s where I belong. Want to know why? I have studied biology (cellurar, ecology, environmental protection, ...) at the Uni, read the articles and talked with many people about this particular topic. I am also a person who tends to make better choices because the nature and animals are really important things in my world. Using real leather has it´s minuses and pluses, but using fake leather has only the first ones.

Leather is usually just a side product of meat industry. So why should all those amounts of leather be ditched to garbage when it´s the most ecological of all the alternatives?
It does molder- fake leather that´s made of oil does not. So why should we boost pumping the oil and destroying the environment, diversity and habitats by using products such as fake leather and fur ?( And no I do not like using the real animal fur either- that´s just wrong). The money goes to the big oil companies- by using the local leather products you can avoid different emissions such as those from transporting, making new oil rigs, using the extra energy to transform that oil to the products we use and building/preparing the factories. Usually those rigs and factories are located in countries where there are no limits considering different emissions and the workers are too young.

It´s really important to understand that yes- the leather usually is tanned so that it lasts good longer. Yes leather products always last longer than the fake ones. That means you are buying less materia and your ecological footprint is smaller. Real leather is always reusable and when you don´t need it you can always be sure that it really does molder. Fake materials do not- they are just accumulating in our beautiful sees and forests, and yes they do emit chemicals to the environment. In worst case scenario the whales, dolphins and other sea animals that do need oxygen have no place to come up and get some air if they dive under the rigs made of plastic bottles and other non-degradable junk. In forests animals can also choke to the gifts we humans tend to give to our planet.

What if I just burn all the non-degradable junk? Yes you really should do that, remember to breathe that smoke as much as you possibly can! No do not do that... unless you want to get all the toxic gasses such as CO and PAH's in you. This is one thing I really do not understand- why do people burn the old car tires and all the other garbages? Stop doing that- you are poisoning yourself and your environment. This is how our world works- people do not know about better ways. Thats a good thing to those who own the businesses- it saves their money and the best thing is to build those factories to the countries where people know even less about the dangers and to the countries that are as far away from them as possible. Why? Because they give a shit only about their own money and their own health.

pictures weheartit
Oh and one more thing- if you are not using the organic materials think about those chemicals that are absorbing through your skin. Yes that is possible. Even if your shirt is made of cotton, wash it- in this world even cotton is usually handled with pesticides while it has been growing. The darker the shirt is the more chemicals it contains- why? Because of the colours used to dyeing it. They are rarely organic ones. If you give a shit about yourselves and your health- at least wash everything before using it the first time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally - Evis' first post!

It's been a while since Herminica posted about me and her blogging together from now on, so I figured it would be a time for me to make my first post. Or actually that time passed long time ago but I've been busy:D.

My school started two and a half weeks ago so I've been pretty much just fighting against laziness during mornings and lectures with bad results. Even today my school started at 8 Am and I woke up at nine. Not so good start for this day. At least it hasn't been raining today. Nice to find some comfort in these cold and gray days. I felt so so tired after sitting on lectures for six hours that on my way home I went and bought a big bag of candy for myself. I already opened it even though I don't think it was very smart move, since I'm heading to the gym in two hours.

I cut myself bangs last Friday! I just love them and even though I have naturally curly hair, the bangs have been able to stay straight despite the rain. I guess all the thanks goes to my new straightening serum by Goldweld. It's not the cheapest hair product I have but it is definitely worth the price.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

PS. Herkku: why are you still looking so tanned? Share your secret, thank you!

- Evi

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Money money bling bling... nope there is no shingaling.

Instacam is my good friend during the days. It´s the same app as Instagram but in windows phones the name is instacam. I don't own a good camera so I think it's the same if I just take the photos with my phone. I have planned to get myself a good camera but somehow all of my salary just disappears... :D I even have to buy myself a new laptop/Ipad, fix the bike and the screen of my lumia, buy new rubber boots etc... so my salary is never enough. :D Damn. How the hell some people do not need the money every single month? I mean I couldn´t even pay my rent without my jobs nor get myself healty food. I just won´t eat the typical "student food", we should rename it to Student crap. It does not belong to mouth. Period.

I have to go to take a shower now, my hair feels bad even if it looks ok. I have to go to a hairdresser too... Too bad that only a cut costs about 40 euros. I have dentist and doc appointements to come too so... :D Yes I already know where my salary is about to go this time... :( Not so nice.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Flowers all over me

Good morning from me! My hamstrings and gluteus maximus  x2 are not having this great morning as I am. Thanks to my workout yesterday they are singing hallelujah every time I try to stand up or take a step. Great because I´m loving this amount of lactic acid in my muscles... Fresh orange and massage should make a trick soon so that the lactic acid gets back to my livery and translates back to the good old pyruvate :). Haha I just love biomedicine <3>

You can definitely feel the autumn, it´s so cold out even if the sun decides to shine. One thing that I love is definitely the fact that I can wear knits now ! I just love the way they keep me warm and look good on. I just finished my breakfast- smashed and boiled carrots and a casserole made of mushrooms (their nutrient value is more like to the meat than to the vegetables), red onion and eggs with fresh orange juice and dark hot chocolate. :) This all should give me a boost for the day :). I really need it because I didn´t manage to get that much sleep last night. We went to Olli´s place first and headed to Henry´s pub from there to listen Stoccers and Satellite Stories. :) It was a great evening! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teenyweeny hello

Here I'm - smiling. I'm so happy because of the sun. I feel even better when it's able to combine the sun, hot chocolate and a nice fresh air. Even if I went to school everything feels just great. You know how those good mornings work? You wake up earlier than you normally do but you are not tired at all. You don't have to hurry anywhere and you manage to get to the grocery store at the same time with grannies and granpas, but because you move faster than they you still manage to get everything fresh for the breakfast. :) yep I love that feeling... :D I have to study pharmacology and toxicology today. Not the whole day today, because Alli is coming here this evening :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

curly day

Here I am, totally exhausted. Work is always fun but if you spend there 9 hours in a row without any real breaks... it will take to you. I was planning to go running after work and visiting the post office, but my stomach started to hurt. It´s not normal yet, but I will try to do a little workout  + streches on my own indoors. I have been running three times last week, and it just feels great to be able to run again. My knees are much better now (even if it started hurting again during the August). Minna is coming here this evening too, or then I will go to her side. Can´t wait to talk about stuff again :) I have to go to pharmacology and toxicology lectures tomorrow morning, meet my counselor + go to 9 hours work shift again. At least I will get payed next month and I won´t be this poor like I am now!

Last week :
Mon: 2km walk + indoor workout for 30min + streches
Tue: 2km walk
Wed: 2km walk + 3km run + streches
Thu: 9km walk on hills + streches
Fri: (spaghetti day...)
Sat: 2km walk + streches
Sun: 1km walk + 30min run + streches

Monday, September 17, 2012


This weekend has been nice. I have been making myself a few new pillows and one panel curtain. I find those birds really adorable. I´m not sure though if they even match with the rest of my home... :D I have also been grilling with my family, playing billiards with Arde and having smoothies with Sanni. I really do suck on playing billiards... but I almost won once! I have really missed their company it´s just sad to go back to Kuopio this evening. One thing I´m not waiting for that much is my shift at the kiosk tomorrow morning. I hate waking up too early, even if the job itself is kinda fun :). I have to find myself something fun during the day- my lumia is too silent and I´ve already red all the magazines in there. Well I still have to enjoy my two hours trip back to the North... Jippijaijee. I love sitting in the train... not.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can smell the autumn and MarjaSpa

Autumn, I can feel it coming. I can see it and smell it. I love walking and running in the woods. It´s a great therapy session for my mind and seeing the nature... It reminds me of purity, innocence, beauty and life itself. We should live now, and not just sit home alone. It´s such a pity that when living in the city center you usually can´t find a beautiful place where you are surrounded by nature and little squirrels... :) If you combine it with sports or food... nothing could be any better :)!

Yesterday passed by promoting Herbina in Kuopio. It was really fun, my co-workers and customers were in a really good mood, so it was only a pleasure to work with them all. :) If you haven´t tried Herbina's products yet, try them! I´m in love with everything... :) I just finished my facial routines and tried Herbina's facial scrub, mask, day lotion and a lotions for body and feet... The scent is not artificial, it comes from real organic ingredients, and my skin looks and feels really smooth and moistened now. I bought myself a facial Rose water and a foot deo-spray too. Can´t wait to test them too :) I will go out now, the sun is shining and I´m really in need of a fresh air and that sun... :) Where have you been baby? Long time no seen... that´s such a pity. Why can´t you shine in Finland too? I´m begging you, please shine.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee is dangerous

Good morning guys, I´ve had so much fun past few days. I was planning on posting this yesterday but my laptop didn´t agree with me on that. Luckily my dad managed to get this shitty thing back to alive. I went running for 4 kilometres the day before yesterday and yesterday I made a 10 kilometres fast walk and now I´m doing the things for my courses and work :) Tomorrow I will be at Kuopio's Anttila presenting Herbina. Hermina is presenting Herbina...  it makes me laugh... :D Come and say hello if you are around! :)

You see my upper front teeth? I´ve noticed that one of them has moved during this year. I think it has something to do with the fact that my wisdom teeth are growing... Maybe I should get them out before I look like a dracula :[ ... :) And the other thing... look at my wrist... Be careful when making coffee at work... It really hurts now... But luckily I have Melem and Bepanthen to take care of that burn. Luckily it´s just a first-degree burn and not worse. Pheew!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chocolate bilberries

I said it. Chocolate bilberries. Had to repeat. I´m just so hooked on them. They are healthy, and I can just keep on eating them. Ok my tongue gets too blue when theese guys are around, so it´s not really possible to eat them for example at Uni. I have been working and organizing.... my everything. My head, this home, school and work stuff... I have woke up at 04.45 am a few times in a row because of my working shedule. I have still managed to get to the lectures and do the tasks for the courses. Things that are considering my moving are more or less put aside. At least Johanna and Kalle made me a greeting card that was waiting for me here. :) Haha. I also managed to burn my wrist with the boiling hot coffee at work... So lucky me... it´s still red and sore even if I had cold on it for 11 hours during my day... :( I think I should go running now, the weather is so bad but I´m too bored to sit at home alone. My head needs some fresh air and my mind needs a break from thinking. (Or do I just need more bilberries to keep my mouth shut?...)

Friday, September 7, 2012


I´m totally exhausted now and I still have plenty of things to do. I couldn't sleep last night so it was really difficult to get up. My legs were really sore because of standing, traveling almost one and a half month, walking every day at least 15 km´s and the most of it was uphill or up the stairs, packing, carrying the 40kg´s on my back... My head was a big mess too. I wasn´t really that cheery nor I understood that I really had to do something... You know those moments when you haven´t really woke up yet totally? I´m really used to them, usually I talk much about weird stuff when having those blurry-everything is possible-moments. Yep I ate a breakfast, put a little make up on (yes this is the first summer I haven´t used make up foundations or powders and my skin isn´t even in that bad condition... I´m waiting for a winter and my skin problems with joy... fuck that.) and then I had to go to my pharmacology and toxicology lecture. It was really fun and I was surprised that I wasn´t sleepy. After that I had to walk back home, grab a wallet and head to the grocery store, eat a lunch and go to a work for the next 9 hours. Even that passed quickly! :D It was so nice to be there again (even that this kiosk was the first I´ve worked in Kuopio and the Toto machine was an old grumpy ass I didn´t know how to use). After all that I still had energy left to do myself a meal and then... clean ! :D Yep, the only thing that is left to do is getting my stuff back there from Mikkeli (I´m in Mikkeli now) and pack everything... :) A least I have an apple pie I just made to keep me feeling like a happy chipmonkey ;)!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Troubles and mess but I´m still calm

Hey guys, this blog is still having problems with updating on bloglovin. I´ve been trying to repair it but it´s still not ok. We both are alive and back in Finland now. More about that soon... :D We are still looking throug the photos and trying to organize them to make good posts. We both are back in school now plus working. Greets from me, I´m in a big hurry now and everything is waiting for me to be done... School, exams, this entire Kuopio-home needs to get clean, I still have to move my stuff and go to work. Wish me luck! At least I have three more days left to do all that. :) So it´s not a problem... but my hair is. I should do something to it... but I just can´t decide what. I hate it when I use straightning iron and it´s too moist outside that it looks like this sooner or laiter... :( I should probably get back to my dark hot chocolate drink and a berry curd. :) Loving the long mornings, when I can watch all the funny animal programs from tv, eat my breakfast slowly and be cheery. Yep I´m loving it when I´m able to smile on my own and blow a soap bubbles on my balcony.